NFL fines Seattle's Richard Sherman for taunting

NFL fines Seattle's Richard Sherman for taunting -
STORY HIGHLIGHTSThe All-Pro cornerback is fined $7,875NFL doesn't specify whether fine is for on-field or off-field conduct
Watch Rachel Nichols' interview with Richard Sherman on CNN's Unguarded at 10:30 p.m. ET Friday.

(CNN) -- The NFL has fined Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman $7,875 for taunting tied to the recent NFC Championship Game, a league spokesperson said Friday.

The NFL official did not specify whether the fine stemmed from an on-the-field or off-the-field infraction.
Why did the NFL fine Richard Sherman?Sherman's words before the rantIs 'Thug' the new N-word?Richard Sherman on public perception
Sherman was penalized during the game for putting his hands to his throat in a choking gesture directed at the San Francisco 49ers quarterback. Sherman had just deflected a pass that saved the victory for Seattle.

Immediately after the game ended, Fox Sports sideline reporter Erin Andrews interviewed Sherman and he boasted to being "the best" and maligned one of his San Francisco opponents, receiver Michael Crabtree.

Those remarks soon became national news as many fans and commentators derided what they characterized as Sherman's poor sportsmanship.

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Venezuela: Camera Led to Arrest in Actress Killing - ABC News

Venezuela: Camera Led to Arrest in Actress Killing - ABC News
2004 Miss Venezuela, Ex Murdered ABCNews.comAssociated Press
The discovery of a digital camera stolen from the popular actress Monica Spear and her ex-husband was key to identifying the seven people arrested in their fatal shooting, the chief of Venezuela's criminal police said Thursday.
Commissioner Jose Gregorio Sierralta told reporters that the camera was found during a search of the home of one of the people arrested for the killing of the pair on an isolated stretch of highway Monday night during a robbery.
Their deaths, witnessed by their 5-year-old daughter after they had locked themselves in their car, triggered a national uproar over Venezuela's rampant violent crime.
Sierralta said the camera led police to a criminal band that preyed on motorists on the section of highway near Puerto Cabello, the country's main port.
Spear, a former Miss Venezuela, and Thomas Henry Berry were returning to Caracas on vacation when a sharp object in the road punctured two of their car's tires.
Sierralta said the criminal band was led by a 32-year-old known as "Fat Danilo," who was among those arrested. He said at least 11 people took part in the crime and four remained fugitives.
A 19-year-old man among the arrested may have been the lone shooter, the commissioner said. He said the weapon had not been recovered.
Sierralta said the ringleader supplied younger men in the gang with guns and drugs. He did not specify which drugs.
He said five people originally arrested as suspects in the crime had been released, adding that the crew of a tow truck that had arrived to help out the stranded motorists helped lead police to the people arrested.
The slain couples' families held a private wake Thursday in Caracas and said they would later open the viewing to public admirers of the 29-year-old actress, who was crowned Miss Venezuela in 2004.
Spear and Berry were to be buried Friday.
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Out there: NASA says its Voyager 1 probe has become first spacecraft to leave the solar system | Star Tribune

Goode," along with Beethoven, Bach, Mozart and Louis Armstrong.
CameraStar Tribune photo galleries
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Thirty-six years after it rocketed away from Earth, the plutonium-powered spacecraft has escaped the sun's influence and is now cruising 11 1/2 billion miles away in interstellar space, or the vast, cold emptiness between the stars, NASA said Thursday.

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It will study exotic particles and other phenomena and will radio the data back to Earth, where the Voyager team awaits the starship's discoveries. But since there's no "Welcome to Interstellar Space" sign out there, NASA waited for more evidence before concluding that the probe had in fact broken out of the hot plasma bubble surrounding the planets.
And just in case it encounters intelligent life out there, it is carrying a gold-plated, 1970s-era phonograph record with multicultural greetings from Earth, photos and songs, including Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. 12, 2013 that Voyager 1 has become the first spacecraft to enter interstellar space, or the space between stars, more than three decades after launching from Earth. (AP Photo/NASA)
(612) 673-4000
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Never before has a man-made object left the solar system as it is commonly understood.
Since there was no detectable change in the direction of the magnetic field lines, the team assumed the far-flung craft was still in the heliosphere, or the vast bubble of charged particles around the sun.. Meanwhile, Voyager 1 used Saturn as a gravitational slingshot to power itself past Pluto.
This artist rendering released by NASA shows NASA�s Voyager 1 spacecraft barreling through space. It takes about 17 hours for its signal to reach Earth.
An undated handout illustration of NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft passing through an area near the edge of the Solar System known as the magnetic highway. All rights reserved.
NASA celebrated by playing the "Star Trek" theme at a news conference in Washington.
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At the rate it is going, it would take 40,000 years to reach the nearest star, Alpha Centauri.
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But in the meantime, a chance solar eruption that shook Voyager I last spring provided the scientists with the data they needed, convincing them the boundary had been crossed in August of last year.
Last year, scientists monitoring Voyager 1 noticed strange happenings that suggested the spacecraft had broken through: Charged particles streaming from the sun suddenly vanished. Also, there was a spike in galactic cosmic rays bursting in from the outside.
While Voyager 1 may have left the solar system as most people understand it, it still has hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years to go before bidding adieu to the last icy bodies that make up our neighborhood.
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With the new data, "it took us 10 seconds to realize we were in interstellar space," said Don Gurnett, a Voyager scientist at the University of Iowa who led the new research, published online in the journal Science.
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LOS ANGELES — NASA's Voyager 1 probe has left the solar system, boldly going where no machine has gone before.
Photo: NASA, JPL-Caltech via New York Times
Voyager 1 actually made its exit more than a year ago, scientists said. 12, 2013, scientists declared that Voyager 1 had become the first manmade object to exit the solar system, a breathtaking achievement that NASA could only fantasize about back when it was launched in 1977.
Best of MN 2013: Guide to state's finest
The Voyager team patiently waited for a change in magnetic field direction — thought to be the telltale sign of a cosmic border crossing.
Voyager 1's odyssey began in 1977 when the spacecraft and its twin, Voyager 2, were launched on a tour of the gas giant planets of the solar system.
"We made it," said an ecstatic Ed Stone, the mission's chief scientist, who waited decades for this moment.
Voyager 1, which is about the size of a small car, is drifting in a part of the universe littered with the remnants of ancient star explosions.
Minneapolis, MN 55488
Out there: NASA says its Voyager 1 probe has become first spacecraft to leave the solar system | Star Tribune
After beaming back dazzling postcard views of Jupiter's giant red spot and Saturn's shimmering rings, Voyager 2 hopscotched to Uranus and Neptune. On Sept. The space agency announced Thursday, Sept
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George Strait announces final dates of farewell tour - CBS News

26, 2012, in Nashville, Tenn. / Getty
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George Strait will finish off his two-year farewell tour in the biggest house in his home state of Texas -- the Dallas Cowboys' AT&T Stadium.
George Strait announces "The Cowboy Rides Away" 2012-2014 final tour on Sept. He announced he was retiring from the road last year but still plans to record, recently agreeing to a deal for five more studio albums..
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The country superstar held a rare news conference Monday at the stadium to announce the last leg of his The Cowboy Rides Away tour. Your e-mail address:
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All rights reserved. 9 and plans stops in Nashville, Los Angeles, Chicago and Foxborough, Mass., the first of two stadium shows to end the tour.

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"The first leg of the tour earlier this year was very fun, but also very emotional," Strait said at the press conference. I'm really looking forward to seeing our fans out on the road in 2014."
George Strait announces final dates of farewell tour - CBS News
Go here for ticket information.

Strait will take a who's who of country music on the road, including Merle Haggard, Martina McBride, Miranda Lambert, Jason Aldean, Eric Church, Sheryl Crow, Little Big Town and Ronnie Dunn. "Every city and venue holds such great memories
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